Special Occasion Stationery : Birthday Celebration - Photography Craft

Special Occasion Stationery : Birthday Celebration - Photography Craft

Place cards can be personalized with guests' names.

When you want to celebrate in style, make the party really special with handmade invitations, personalized place cards and bunting. Here's an idea for a 40th birthday bash that could easily be adapted for an anniversary, engagement or retirement party.

Invitations, place cards and bunting have all been made using colour photocopies. Choose photographs, past and present, of the guest of honor, and stick them on colored paper, then take them to your local copy shop.

Set a celebratory table with commemorative name cards, and drape with festive bunting 

1 For economy, try to fit all your artwork on a single sheet of A4 paper: invitation, place card and bunting. Make the same number of color copies as there are guests at the party.

2 Cut up color photocopies with scissors or a craft knife.To make bunting, fold the top of each flag over a length of colored string and stick in place with glue or double-sided tape.

3 To make place cards, mount photocopies on to thin cardboard. Score along centre line to make a clean fold - but cut around the edges of images that appears above this line, to make a cut-out shape.
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