Greetings Cards - Photography Craft

Greetings Cards - Photography Craft

We send each other cards on all kinds of occasions and the selection available to buy is enormous and varied. For some people, however, there is nothing more special than to receive an original, hand-crafted card, made with love.

When time is short, simply stick a photograph on a folded card. By keeping a supply of pre-cut cards, with or without an aperture - a window cut in the centre - to frame your chosen photograph, you can easily put together a professional-looking card at short notice.

These printed cards with ready-cut apertures make perfect frames for family portraits.

It's easy to make an edition from a single print for a greetings card or invitation - just use color photocopies. 

A hat decorated with flowers or a still-life photo of eggs - homemade cards are more personal than shop-bought Easter cards.  

Look for blank cards with a printed border, or decorate a plain card yourself, using a rubber stamp, stencil or freehand design 

Personalized Christmas cards are fun and can be kept as a special souvenir of family occasions.  

Make a point of taking pictures with greetings cards in mind. search for suitable subjects - a vase of flowers or a teddy, for example. 

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