Special Occasion Stationery : Cards - Photography Card

Special Occasion Stationery : Cards - Photography Card

If you have a bit more time to spend on card-making, experiment with combinations of photographs, plus pictures cut from magazines, stickers and other materials. Doilies, scraps, and colored wrapping papers can all be used.

Experiment with different shapes, textures, patterns and colors and add strings or ribbons as a finishing touch.

Look out for unusual types of paper and cardboard. Handmade paper looks particularly effective if torn rather than cut. Metallic or holographic cardboard adds sparkle.

Torn paper scraps and photocopies make colorful collage cards. 

Cut out paper doilies make lacy frames for portraits - a romantic choice for a christening, wedding or engagement card. 

Look for handmade and textured papers to form simple but effective backgrounds for photographic prints. 

For a personalized birthday card just add numbers to an appropriate picture. 

Add a splash of color by cutting flower or star shapes from paper. 

use your artistic skills to add a sprig of flowers to a plain or embossed card with watercolor paints or pens. 

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