DIY Original Gifts : Bookmarks, Calendars - Photography craft

DIY Original Gifts : Bookmarks, Calendars - Photography craft

A pocketful of pictures... tuck a photo bookmark or tiny home¬ made calendar into your diary or pocketbook.

To mark your place in a diary or any book, make a photographic bookmark. Use a strip of contact prints, or choose a tall, narrow composition.

For a pocket calendar, just the right size to slip into your handbag, glue a small print on to the cover of a calendar pad. Or stick the picture on the inside of the cover, punch a hole in the top and hang up.

Look out also for mail-order companies that offer a calendar-making service, where you send a selection of prints to have made up into a calendar. Some shops sell blank calendars, too, printed with dates but with spaces left for you to add your own pictures.

You can, of course, easily make your own calendars. Use an existing one as a template, or make up pages on a computer, if you have access to one. The simplest method of all is to place a single photo in a cardboard mount and stick on a calendar pad, available from stationers.
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