Original Gifts Jigsaw Puzzles - Photography Craft

Original Gifts Jigsaw Puzzles - Photography Craft

Chop up some favorite pictures to make a novel jigsaw or photofit puzzle book - for very original gift ideas.

It's very easy to make your own jigsaws. Either mount your chosen photograph (or color photocopy) on thick cardboard and cut into pieces using a craft knife and steel ruler, or stick it on to plywood and cut up using a jigsaw.

Put the pieces into a box and stick a copy of the photo on the lid, as a guide to completing the puzzle.

If you are making a jigsaw as a gift for a child, cut it into a suitable number of pieces: just a few for a toddler of three years or younger, maybe a dozen pieces for a preschool child, and a greater number of more intricate pieces for an older child.

For a jigsaw book, mix and match pictures to make composite characters. Choose a number of pictures and trim them all to the same format, then stick on to colored cardboard, to make pages. Get them ring-bound - many photocopy shops or office suppliers provide this service - then cut into three sections, using a ruler and craft knife.

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