DIY T-shirts - Photography Craft

DIY T-shirts - Photography Craft

It's fun to wear a picture of yourself as a baby - and photo t-shirts open up many other design possibilities. 

Stand out from the crowd with a favorite photograph emblazoned across your chest.
Mass-produced picture T-shirts and clothing with ubiquitous fashion logos become commonplace when compared to your very own, one-off designer original.

Of course there is no need to stop at just one personalized T-shirt. You could make yourself a whole photo wardrobe, with pictures of yourself, friends, family, pets - or whatever takes your fancy.

Use the method described on page 28 to transfer images on to clothing, or, for quick results, take your photographic prints along to a photo processor or copy shop that offers a T-shirt printing service. Some even make teddy-sized T-shirts.
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