Painted Frames - Photography Craft

Painted Frames - Photography Craft

To complement the exotic picture in the pink frame, fake jewels, stuck in place with a strong all-purpose glue, add a touch of sparkle. 

This wedding frame was given a wash of white paint diluted with an equal amount of water.
The designs were printed on, using rubber stamps and a green ink pad. 

The dainty white flowers on this blue frame were painted freehand, each petal being formed by loading a fine watercolor brush with paint and laying the paint on the frame using the side of the bristles. 

Like the mounts on the previous pages, these frames have been decorated to match the photographs. Even if your artistic skills are limited, the effects are easy to achieve.

The red spotted frame started life as an inexpensive plain wooden one. it was lightly sanded and given two coats of red acrylic paint. to add spots, dip the wrong end of a pencil or paintbrush into white paint. 

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