DIY Wedding Album - Photography Craft

DIY Wedding Album - Photography Craft

Wedding photography is big j business, and the bride and groom who hire a professional to take pictures of their special day will be offered a choice of photo packages, including an album.

On the day, however, friends and family usually like to make their own photographic record and most happy couples end up with a batch of unofficial photographs, as well as the formal ones.

You will find specially-designed wedding photo albums in the shops but might prefer to make your own. Follow the instructions for the baby album this link or buy a plain album and cover it with a piece of your wedding dress fabric, and a touch of lace.
To make an album cover like the one in the picture, the method is similar to that used for the fabric frames on this link

Materials & Equipment
polyester wadding 
silk fabric 
paper (for lining) 
lace, ribbon 
spray adhesive 
craft knife 
steel ruler

1 Open out the album and cut a piece of wadding exactly the same size.Then cut out out a piece of fabric at least 2.5cm (1 in) larger all round.

2 Stick or stitch photos to the fabric, adding borders of lace and ribbons.

3 Using a strong spray craft adhesive, spray the outside covers of the album and cover with the piece of wadding. Spray the wadding and place the album centrally on the wrong side of the fabric. Clip the corners of the fabric and fold the raw edges to the inside of the covers.

4 Punch a hole in each edge of the cover and thread a piece of ribbon through each, sticking in place. Cut two pieces of paper slightly smaller than the front and back of the album and glue in place, to cover all the raw edges of fabric and ribbon.

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