Mosaic Mirror Frame - Photography Craft

Mosaic Mirror Frame - Photography Craft

In the spirit of recycling, here is a way of making use of even the tiniest leftovers from your photographic prints.

When trimming prints for use in any of the other projects in this book, save the bits you cut off. Mount them on thick cardboard, then cut the cardboard into small pieces, using a craft knife and a steel ruler. The pieces should be more or less the same size but it doesn't matter if they differ slightly in shape as it adds to the overall effect.

You now have your own mosaic 'tiles' which can be arranged in a similar way to the tesserae used in traditional mosaics. Here they have been used to create a colorful mirror.

Before starting, sort mosaics into groups of similar patterns and colors. You will need to work quite quickly, while the glue remains wet. If the glue does dry out, add another layer on top.

Materials & Equipment

thick cardboard 
PVA glue 
craft knife 
steel ruler

1 Stick a mirror in the centre of a piece of hardboard, using PVA glue, then cover the remaining surface with a thick layer of PVA, spreading it out evenly with a scrap of cardboard.

2 Start sticking ‘tiles’ in place and work quickly, before the glue has time to dry. Position pieces all around the edge of the hardboard, then around the edge of the mirror, pressing them down into the glue.

3 Fill in the spaces with the remaining tiles, trimming them where necessary for a good fit. Leave to dry.
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