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DIY Decorative Mounts - Framing & Collections

Give any picture extra impact with a decorated border. Create your own design to complement the picture or to co-ordinate with a room scheme.

You can cut your own mounts, have them cut to your specifications by a framer, or buy them ready-made. Most craft shops and picture framers sell a wide range of ready-cut mounts and you can use your artistic skills to customize them. Cardboard mounts can be decorated with rubber stamps or stickers, or by painting on designs with watercolors. The possibilities are limited only by your talent and your imagination.

Photocopy old letters or manuscripts on to cream or ivory
paper, stick to mounting cardboard and cut to size, to add a touch of sentiment to an old print.

Fill a tray with water, float drops of oil paint on the surface,

and dip in ready-cut mounts for a marvelous marbled effect.

Decorate a plain cardboard mount with poster paint, using a simple

motif to complement the subject of the photograph.

Add a border of decorative stickers to match the mood of the

picture in the frame - there are so many designs to choose from.

stenciling adds an elegant finish and is easy to do. cut your own

stencils or buy them ready-made, and use paints, felt-tip pens or colored pencils.

A double mount looks really professional. if your hand is not steady enough, ask a picture framer to cut one to your requirements.
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