Original Gifts Matching Pairs - Photography Craft

Original Gifts Matching Pairs - Photography Craft

A boxed set of matching pairs cards makes an intriguing present for an adult or a child

As well as enlargements, you can often get small-scale prints made - great for keeping in your wallet. (See Print Formats on This Link.) Use these small prints, or pieces cut from larger prints, to make a matching pairs card game.

To make this game, you will need two copies of each image. Choose a theme - such as animals or flowers - or just have a random selection. Even abstract shapes or leftovers are suitable.

The cards can be used to play snap, pair-matching or a memory game, where all the cards are turned face down and two or more players take turns to turn two face up. If they match, the player keeps them and has another turn. If they don't, the cards must be turned face down again, and the players try to remember the positions. The winner is the player with the most pairs at the end of the game. Type out these rules of play and include them in the box.
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