Fabric Frames - Photography Craft

Fabric Frames - Photography Craft

Fabric frames are easy to make, with a base cut from cardboard, wadding to give a padded effect, and almost any kind of fabric.
This is a great idea for framing wedding pictures, using a piece of bridal fabric, a baby picture, flower picture, pet portrait - or anything you wish. You could make matching storage boxes, following the instructions on this link, and a covered album, as on this link.

Home-made frames can be any size and shape you like - and covered in any material you wish. make an album (This link) and a portfolio (This Link ) to match.  

Materials & Equipment
thick cardboard 
polyester wadding fabric

spray adhesive or fabric 
craft knife 
steel ruler 

1 Cut two pieces of cardboard, 20cm x 16cm (8 in x 6 in). Cut a window in one of the pieces, using the template on This Link as a guide. Cut a piece of wadding the same size; cut two pieces of fabric, 2cm (3/4 in) larger all round.

2 Spray one side of the window mount with a strong craft adhesive, or spread with fabric glue. Place it, glue side down, on the wadding and leave to dry, then cut away the wadding from the aperture.

3 Place the frame, wadding side down, on the wrong side of one of the fabric pieces. Fold the fabric edges over to the back of the cardboard and glue them in place. Cover the other piece of cardboard with fabric.

4 Glue or stitch the two pieces of fabric-covered cardboard together around three edges, leaving one side open so that a photograph can be slipped inside.
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