Taking Better Pictures : Print Formats

Taking Better Pictures : Print Formats

Some processors offer passport-sized prints, contact sheets - all the pictures , printed in miniature on a single sheet - or combinations of large and small prints, the larger one for framing or sticking in an album, the smaller ones just the right size for carrying in your wallet.
If you are particularly pleased with a picture but not quite happy with the composition, it may be worth having a selective enlargement made, where you ask the printer to print only a selected portion. Alternatively, you could have a straightforward enlargement made and cut out the best part of the picture.
When choosing pictures to make up into the projects in this book, it is useful to make yourself a pair of 'croppers'. These are two L-shaped pieces of cardboard which you place on your print to frame a certain area and then move around to help you decide which parts of the picture could be trimmed off to improve the overall composition.

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