Fabric Collage - Photography Craft

Fabric Collage - Photography Craft

A border of flowers, fabric and net in soft, pretty pastel shades is an ideal treatment for a precious black and white wedding photo. 

Take a photograph as your central image, use a sewing machine to attach it to a fabric background, then build up layers of various fabric and other scraps into a unique collage. Experiment, using more than one picture, if you prefer, and finish off your creation with an off-the-peg frame.

Here, a wedding photo has been given a border of colored fabric scraps and flowers, under a veil of netting. The flower shapes are made by dismantling fabric blooms and separating them into individual petals.

Materials & Equipment
medium-weight interfacing 
fabric scraps 
fabric flowers 
sewing thread 
sewing machine

1 Cut a piece of interfacing 2.5cm (1 in) larger than you want your finished picture to be. Place your photograph in the centre and draw around it in pencil, to mark its position.

2 Cut fabric into small pieces and stitch them to the interfacing, one at a time, using a zigzag stitch to cover raw edges, until the outer border has been covered.

3 Position fabric flowers and leaves on the fabric border then lay a piece of sheer fabric or net on top. Stitch the net in place, trapping the flowers beneath.

4 Stitch the photograph in position and stitch a length of lace all round.
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