Collage : Decorated Tray - photography Craft

Collage : Decorated Tray - photography Craft

A number of pictures with a linking theme - such as these cats - makes a novel decoration for a simple wooden tray. 

A plain wooden tray can be customized to display a collection of photographs under glass. Get a piece of glass cut to fit the inside of the tray and make sure the edges are beveled smooth for safety.

A project like this one gives real scope for your imagination. Why not choose a selection of holiday pictures with a sky-blue border dotted with clouds? Or a montage of horticultural photographs with a flower- stamped border.

The choice of rubber stamps available in craft shops is overwhelming so you will almost certainly find one to suit your chosen theme. This method can be adapted to other pieces of furniture, as it would work on most smooth, horizontal surfaces and is a great way to jazz up a junk shop find.

Materials & Equipment
plain wooden tray 
fine sandpaper 
gesso or flat latex paint 
craft paints or acrylics 
masking tape 
rubber stamp and ink pad 
silicone sealant 
strong spray adhesive 
water-based matt varnish

1 Sand the tray, if necessary, to remove any varnish or paint. Mark out and mask off the area where the pictures are to be stuck, then paint the edges of the tray with gesso or flat latex, followed by a coat of colored craft or acrylic paint.

2 When the paint is dry, add a border design using a rubber stamp. Protect paintwork with several coats of varnish.

3 Stick the pictures in position using a strong, permanent spray adhesive. Drop the glass into position then seal all around the edges with a clear sealant.
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