Decoupage Box - Photography Craft

Decoupage Box - Photography Craft

A boxful of memories - the perfect container for photos, letters and private mementoes. 

Embellish a plain box with a favorite photograph and frame it with paper scraps. Elaborate scraps like these can be bought from craft shops and are available in a wide choice of designs. Many are reproductions of the scraps produced in Germany, America and England in the mid-nineteenth century when decoupage was a popular pastime.

Here, because the photograph already included flowers, Victorian floral designs were chosen for a really romantic effect. The box itself was a gift box already covered in pretty gold paper. You could use any small box and cover it in decorative paper following the method described on page 14, before adding your photograph and scraps.

Materials & Equipment
gift box with lid 
paper scraps 
PVA glue
polyurethane gloss varnish small 
pointed scissors

1 Trim your photograph if necessary. Coat the back with PVA glue and stick in place in the centre of the box lid.

2 Cut out scraps using small, pointed scissors. Position them, and reposition until you are satisfied with the arrangement, then glue in place using PVA glue.

3 Protect the design by brushing all over with several coats of polyurethane gloss varnish.

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