Certain substances come through paint coatings from behind. Water-based paints are more susceptible to bleeding than oil paint.

Possible causes
• Red and purple dyestuffs, pen and felt pen markers and red chalk
• Sooty areas
• Nicotine, tar and creosote
• Rust spots caused by nails or bolts below the surface
• Resin from knots in wood and resinous wood
• Graffiti
• Damp stains usually show as large dark rings (on ceilings)
• Smoke marks (following a fire).

Wherever possible, clean as much of the stain as is practical, using strong detergent, solvents such as methylated spirits and abrasives. When dry, seal with either stain block' aerosol, stain block primer, aluminium paint (which forms a barrier coating) or, in the case of resinous knots, apply shellac knotting over-painted with white undercoat.
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