Baby Book - Photography Craft

Baby Book

Shades of blue make a pretty cover for a very special baby album. for a finishing touch, add ribbons and, of course, a photograph.

The birth of a baby is excuse enough to buy a camera and those first pictures are very precious. Preserve them in a special album, deceptively easy to make from paper and cardboard - leftovers of nursery wallpaper make an ideal cover.

This small album is just the right size to fit a standard print on every page, but once you have mastered the technique you can produce custom-made albums of any shape and size.

The Step-by-Step instructions tell you how to make the cover. Make the pages from thick paper, cutting them the same size as the lining paper. Punch holes to correspond with the holes in the spine, thread a piece of ribbon or cord through and tie in a bow at the front, to hold them in place. Remember to reserve at least one special picture to decorate the cover.

Materials & Equipment

thick cardboard 
paper-backed fabric or bookbinder's linen 
craft knife 
steel ruler 
all-purpose glue 
ribbon or cord

1 Cut covers and spine from thick cardboard. In this case, the covers measure 20cm x I 3 cm (8 in x 5 in); the spine measures 13cm x 7cm (5 in x 3 in). Score lines along the length of the spine to create a central section of 2cm (3Min), with 2.5cm (I in) on either side

2 Cut wallpaper or other covering to fit front and back covers with approximately 3cm (1 1/4in) all round for turnings and glue in place.

Cut corner pieces from non-fray fabric and glue in place, to reinforce and protect corners.

3 Cut a piece of non-fray fabric measuring 17cm x 12cm (6 3/4 in x 4 3/4 in), to cover spine. Apply glue to prepared cardboard and stick centrally on to fabric. Mark positions of holes and cut out, using a punch.
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