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Family Album

Every picture tells a story, or so the saying goes. make your family album more interesting by adding names, dates and other information alongside antique photographs, using pen and ink rather than a modern ballpoint, to reflect the style of a bygone age.

Old photographs sometimes require special treatment. For example, you may not wish to use adhesives to hold them in place, in which case an album with plastic sleeves into which the pictures can be slipped is one option, while old-fashioned photo corners are another.

If you cannot find the right style of photograph album to buy, try adapting other kinds of stationery to the purpose - ring binders, notebooks, sketch books and so on. And if the pages of the album are just right but the cover does not evoke the right mood, recover it in your choice of fabric or paper. Or simply make your own album from scratch.

Search in stationery stores until you find the right product. this ring binder has plastic pockets just the right size for a collection of old family photos
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