There are three main methods of removing defective paint: using paint remover, using a hot air gun or using a blow lamp.

You can use two main types of solvent paint remover: one can be washed off and neutralized with water, white the second can be cleaned off and neutralized with white spirits.

Safety note: Regardless of which method you choose, wear rubber gloves and safety glasses, and provide plenty of ventilation.

1 Lay in only small amounts of surface at a time, using an old paintbrush to apply the paint remover.

2 Leave the remover to  soak into the paint and form blisters.

3 Scrape off blistered paint.

4 Lay in stubborn areas of paint again and allow time for the stripper to work.

5 Scrape off the blistered paint.

6 Rinse surface well with either water or white spirits, depending on the type of stripper. A household plastic scouring pad is ideal for washing and rubbing down the surface.

This method is ideal for removing paint or varnish from woodwork. It is less likely to
scorch the woodwork than a blow lamp, but is not as quick a method as the blow
lamp method.

1 Remove the paint from moldings and intricate areas using a shave hook and the hot air gun before removing paint from the panels. The moldings take longer to strip and the paint remaining on the panels protects the wood.

2 Heat rises, so work from the bottom of the surface upwards. This helps to prevent scorching of the upper areas.

3 Place a piece of thin board such as hardboard beneath doors to protect the floor and catch the burning-off bits.

This method employs mainly calor- gas type lamps these days, and can be small canister-types or a gas cylinder with a hose and a gun.

Try to avoid burning off near glass. If this is not possible, before burning off play the lamp or heat gun up and down the surface near the glass rapidly at right angles to the glass, in order to pre-warm the glass.

1 Do not point the gun directly at the glass.
Move the gun rapidly up and down the surface, which pre-warms the glass.

2 Shield the glass with a wide scraper when burning off.

When burning off paint
Keep the blow lamp well in front of the scraper or shave hook. If you are right handed, use the scraper with the right hand, and hold the blow lamp with the left hand.

Safety note: It is a good idea to wear a thick leather glove on the hand that holds the scraper. This means that if you accidentally get your hand in the way of the blow-lamp flame, the glove will offer you some protection

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