Photography Taking Better Pictures : Portraits

Photography Taking Better Pictures : Portraits

Most of us use our cameras to take pictures of people. Instead of just pointing your camera and asking your victim to say 'cheese', there are a few tricks you can employ to produce more pleasing, natural portraits.

Your subjects will usually be aware that you are taking the picture but sometimes they will not. Even if they are conscious of being photographed you can still produce a picture in which they look relaxed. Many of us feel quite self- conscious when having a photograph taken but you should remind your victims that if they relax they are far more likely to end up with a pleasing result than if they are reluctant or even hostile to the photographer!

When taking pictures of children, instead of always making them look straight at the camera, stay on the sidelines some¬ times and observe them at play. By being inconspicuous, you have a better chance of trying to capture their various moods

If your subject is shy, ask them to look away from the camera instead of directly into the lens  

Photographing two people together can produce excellent results, especially if you can show the relationship between them. Instead of looking at the camera, they could try looking at each other, or both look at another object such as a book, or something in the distance.

Group photographs can be tricky. Even if the majority of the subjects are smiling or looking relaxed, there will be one or

two people blinking or pulling a face. The best advice in these circumstances is to shoot as many frames as you can in the hope that, in at least one shot, everyone will look good.

Out of doors, try to take people pictures in soft daylight, without the harsh shadows produced by bright sun. Indoors, to take advantage of natural light and avoid the use of flash, position your subject near a window or door.
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