Key Racks - Photography Craft

Key Racks

Paint a small plaque, add some hooks to hang your keys and decorate with pictures of your house and car - or whatever the keys are for.

The distressed effect of these two plaques has been achieved with layers of paint and a water-based crackle glaze, available from craft shops and specialist paint suppliers.

The red plaque, made from medium- density overlay, was primed and painted dark green. After a layer of crackle glaze, red acrylic was applied quickly. The green plaque, after priming, was painted yellow, then dark green, and given a coat of crackle glaze before a final coat of light green. When dry, the pieces were lightly sanded.

Photographs were trimmed to size and stuck on with a strong spray adhesive. A final protective coat of clear gloss varnish was then brushed on.

Either stick on photographs to indicate what the keys are for , right, or add a wire holder to store loose prints, as in the example above

1 Paint the blank plaque with two coats of primer, allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats.When dry, paint with base color, in this case a pale blue.

2 When the base color is dry, brush with a layer of crackle glaze and leave to dry for about 2 hours. Now add a top coat of color, such as this yellow, with all the brushstrokes going in the same direction.

3 When dry, rub with sandpaper partially exposing the layers of paint beneath, especially on the edges, to simulate wear and tear.Trim photos to size and stick in place using a strong spray adhesive. Protect with a layer of varnish.
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