Framing & Collections : Souvenir Frame - Photography craft

Framing & Collections : Souvenir Frame - Photography craft

Frame a favorite picture of a child using toys and trinkets.

Children generate a lot of muddle and mess. Just collect together some of this debris - small, discarded or broken toys, incomplete jigsaw puzzles, buttons, diaper pins, barrettes and so on - and preserve them in a highly original frame.

This one, once assembled and glued, has been sprayed gold - but any color would be just as effective. Blue, white, red green, silver - the choice is yours.

Materials & Equipment
thick cardboard 
PVA glue 
assorted objects 
gold spray paint 
craft knife 
steel ruler 
picture hanger

1 Cut a mount from heavy cardboard.This one measures 25cm x 20cm (10in x 8in).

2 Spread a thick layer of PVA glue all over the frame and, while it's still wet, press the objects into position.

3 Leave to dry overnight, then cover with a coat of gold spray paint.

4 When the paint is dry, put your photo in position, back with a plain piece of cardboard and glue a picture hanger to the reverse of the frame.
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