Photo Storage Boxes - Photo Craft

Photo Storage Boxes -  Photo Craft

Boxes can be covered with fabric to match the furnishings in your room.

Materials & Equipment
shoe box
fabric or paper
PVA glue
brass label holder
brass paper fasteners

With attractive boxes in which to store your treasured pictures, you will be happy to keep them organized.

A humble shoe box can easily be transformed into stylish - and practical - storage for your photographs. In fact, shoe boxes are usually just the right size for prints.

Repair and reinforce your box with gummed paper tape, if necessary, before covering it with paper or fabric. When you have filled your box with photos, stick a sample picture on the outside of the box, as a clue to its contents.

For a professional touch, add a brass label holder, available from hardware stores, secured with brass paper fasteners.
Then slot in a picture cut to size.

1 Cut your fabric or paper to size.To do this, first stand the box in the centre of the wrong side of your covering material and draw around the base.

2 Remove the box and, using a ruler, go over the lines and add rectangles all round to correspond to the shape and size of the sides and end of the box.To these, add 1 cm (1/2in) flaps, to overlap at corners and tuck inside the box, for a neat finish.

3 Cut out the fabric or paper. Brush the base and all four sides of the box with PVA glue and position it in the center of the cut-out material. Bring up the two side pieces and smooth out any air bubbles, then bring up the two end pieces.

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