Making the Best Coffee ...with a French Press

Making the Best Coffee ...with a French Press

Fresh cold tap or bottled water, about 6 ounces per cup
San Francisco Bay or Kirkland Signature premium whole bean coffee
Coffee grinder
French press

Cream, sugar or other preferred condiments

Put water on to boil.
Grind coffee coarser than for drip—it should look
like coarse sand.

Remove the Frendr press plunger and add the ground coffee, about 1 rounded tablespoon per cup; adjust to taste.

Remove the boiling water from the heat and let cool slightly. 10 seconds or so. Add enough of the water to wet all the grounds. Wait a few seconds.
Add the remaining water, and briskly stir. Wait

2 minutes, then stir briskly again.

Wait 2 more minutes, then very slowly insert the plunger and press down as far as it will go. You will “feel" the right speed. DO NOT remove the plunger; leave it pushed down.

Pour and add your favorite condiments.

Notes: There will be more "solids" in French press coffee. If you have difficulty getting the plunger down, the coffee was ground too fine. If the coffee tastes too strong, try grinding coarser, using less,

or brewing for a shorter time. If it's too weak, try grinding finer, using more, or brewing longer.
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