Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup


1 Whole Chicken Cut into Pieces
2.5 Liters of Water
5-6 tablespoon Oil
5-6 whole Black Pepper
2 tablespoon Cumin
Salt to taste
1 Large Peeled Onion
4-6 Peeled Cloves of Garlic
2 Inch Peeled Piece of Ginger
1 Tin Sweet corn Kernels
4 Eggs
2 tablespoon Corn flour
NOTE: For soup there are no exact measurements, this is just a rough guide, more of one thing and less ofanother makes no difference. It's completely up to personal taste


1. Thoroughly wash the chicken
2. Make chicken stock by adding water, oil, black pepper, salt, onion, cloves of garlic, ginger and chicken for at least 30mins
3. Remove chicken and then sieve the mixture into another pan to remove all the bits
4. Remove meat from chicken n rip into small pieces
5. To the stock, add washed sweet corn and the stripped chicken and bring to boil, then lower heat to
6. Separate egg whites and yolks of at least 4 eggs in separate bowls
7. Beat the egg yolks and add yolks to soup n stir till cooked
8. Mix corn flour in a bit of water & form a thin paste
9. Keep adding this liquid to the soup, spoon by spoon till you get it to the desired consistency
10. Remove from heat and leave for at least 5/10 minutes so it cools
11. Beat the egg whites and slowly add to the soup n keep stirring to form the white cloud like threads.....DO NOT add to really hot soup or it will curdle
12. Serve with soya sauce and chilli oil
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