Potato sticks with cheese

Potato sticks with cheese
To prepare the potato sticks you will need:
8 medium potatoes;
100 g of hard cheese;
100-150 grams of bread crumbs;
2 eggs;
2 tbsp. l. corn flour;
vegetable oil (frying);
salt - to taste.
 Potatoes cooked in their skins, cool, peel and grate.

إAdd one egg to the potatoes, salt and mix thoroughly .

Add flour, knead the dough potatoes.The dough is obtained very pleasant rubbery. 

Cheese cut into cubes.

Prepare everything for breading potato sticks. In a separate plate with a fork whisk the egg with the salt. In other - breadcrumbs.

Formed on the hand "cake" made ​​from potato dough, put a piece of cheese and give it a form of "sticks". For the convenience of forming potato sticks you can use a knife, holding them each of the 4 sides of potato sticks.

Stick dipped in egg mixture.

Next, roll in breadcrumbs. To achieve a more dense bread crust, repeat the procedure 2-3 times (I will not repeat).

Fry until golden brown sticks with 4 sides with vegetable oil. Share sticks on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

Serve the potato sticks with your favorite sauce. They may be hot or cold snacks, and you can apply them as a side dish to the main course.
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