Taking Better Pictures : Composition - photography

Taking Better Pictures : Composition - photography 

You do not have to travel far to take a good picture. There are interesting subjects all around. Before you even pick up your camera, get used to using your eyes. It sounds obvious but a camera frames a scene, which your eye and brain don't do. Photography is not really about capturing reality but rather about making two-dimensional pictures.

When you are ready to take the photograph, take your time. Again, this seems fairly obvious, but because modern cameras capture images quickly and without much effort, it has become so easy to 'snap' a photo that people get into the habit of not taking time to choose their subject carefully or to compose their pictures with a bit of forethought.

If possible, examine your choices before pressing the button. This can make the difference between a mediocre picture and one you'll want to put on display.

By moving close to a subject and isolating it from its surroundings, you can produce a picture of breathtaking simplicity. 

At home or abroad, you may only need to step outside your front door to capture an interesting scene. 

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