Taking Better Pictures : The best viewpoint

Taking Better Pictures : Filling the frame 

One simple way to give a picture more impact is to get closer to your subject, so that it fills the frame.
With people pictures, it may be a case of taking a few steps forward, while with some subjects - landscapes, sports - you may need to use a zoom lens if you cannot move physically closer.

If getting closer is just not possible, and the main subject remains small, try using some fore¬ ground detail to 'frame' your subject.

Taking Better Pictures : The best viewpoint

Sometimes by moving around your subject and thereby changing your viewpoint, you can make quite a difference to a picture. If you can, take time to move around, checking different angles through your viewfinder, before pressing the shutter.

When framing your picture, you may be concentrating so much on the main subject that you do not notice all the other things in the picture. The resulting print may be disappointing because there are too many other bits and pieces to catch the eye. Too much clutter in the background or foreground can be an unwelcome distraction. This is another reason for taking time to get it just right

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