Special Occasion Stationery : Stars - Photography Craft

Special Occasion Stationery : Stars - photography Craft

Use either photocopies or prints to make dazzling decorations. They are a good way of using leftovers from other projects - but if you want to make a number of stars with the same image you may need to have copies made and color photocopies can work out less expensive than photographic reprints.

Cut stars from medium-weight plain, patterned or metallic cardboard, single or double-sided. Stick pictures in place with a glue stick or permanent adhesive spray.

Ideal as Christmas, birthday or Halloween decorations, choose images to fit the occasion. Hang them from the tree or mantelpiece, scatter them over the side¬ board or dinner table, tie them to a parcel or pop them into party bags.

Needlework and craft shops sell inexpensive plastic frames like these tree, bell and star shapes. use the frame itself or the cardboard backing as a template for cutting photos. 
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