Decoupage Chest - Photography Craft

Decoupage Chest - Photography Craft

Here is a great way to recycle a piece of furniture that has seen better days. Whether it s a piece you've had for a while and were thinking of throwing out, or someone else's cast-off discovered in a junk shop or flea market, the decoupage treatment will give it a whole new lease of life.

If the piece you select is already varnished or painted, be sure to sand it thoroughly before painting. This not only gives a smooth surface but helps the paint to adhere. If the surface is not properly prepared before you paint it, then the paint might flake off later, ruining your handiwork. This method can be used on brand new pieces of furniture, too, of course!

The chest of drawers pictured here was sold as office furniture but has been customized with a selection of children's portraits and brightly colored craft paints. 

1 Paint the front of the drawer with gesso or flat latex and, when dry, with one or two coats of yellow acrylic. Allow to dry.

2 Measure and mark out divisions using a pencil and ruler, then mask areas that will remain yellow with masking tape. Paint over the edges of the tape with yellow paint; this seals the edge of the tape, preventing the green paint from creeping underneath. Leave to dry.

3 Paint unmasked squares with green paint.When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape.

4 Trim photocopies to size and stick in place with diluted PVA glue, smoothing carefully to remove air bubbles and ensuring that the edges are stuck down firmly. Brush over with more glue; this seals the pictures and stops them being stained by the varnish. Finish with several coats of varnish. Replace the handles or knobs.

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