DIY Loft Bed with Iron Piping and Oak

DIY Loft Bed with Iron Piping and Oak
The finished product, it wasn't easy... 
work by narcnarwal

State of my room before the renovations. Depressing, I know.

Cutting the twin xl base out of oak plywood.

Adding supports along the edges for drilling into.

Pre-drilled holes for screws then glued.

Lots of glue, screws and clamps.

Sides of the bed glued and screwed in.

First stage of base complete.

Adding an extra board to visible sides to hide unsightly screws.

Finished base. Over 100 lbs

Adjustable legs to support bed while it's being screwed in.

It was more sturdy than it looks...

2 of these into the wall, outside walls are 4x6

One in the bottom through the double and one right above.

It floats! Corner was sagging slightly but I put a support leg under it after the picture.

Another angle.

Got it stained! Compliments the color of the hardwood floor we installed between the last picture and this.

The stairs were a process to make and we went through many designs, but we were happy with this. The core is the oak plywood we used for the base 3 pieces thick. Glued and screwed together.

Iron piping to support each step. Those things are expensive....

Corner piping to the ceiling to support the weight. Screwed into a 6x6 with four 4 1/2" screws.

And a look at the final project again. 2 months of after work effort.

All furnished, brought a lot of open space to the room.

String light ftw
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