DIY Upcyle Old Wood Stairs to Hanging Shelf

DIY Upcyle Old Wood Stairs to Hanging Shelf

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Creativity gives birth to the art, and art adds colors and aesthetics to our life. Wood stair is the need of every common house, small or big, urban or country side. You can not just jump like squirrels and climb on the upper story or the first floor. You have to climb through concrete or wooden ladder or stair. While a shelf is also an integral part of the house where inhabitants hang their clothes in use or some other accessories which they want to get in access several times a day. So just by giving a glimpse on used old wooden stair which is of no need anymore, we can make a unique hanging shelf with it. In this DIY article we would discuss how to make a beautiful hanging shelf in the living room with the help of old wooden stair

To make a hanging shelf with an old wooden stair, all we need is a paint of our choice according to the matching scheme of our room interior, a couple of flat planks of wood gained from some old dumped furniture. And a drill machine to scratch the ding from rustic wood and also to make holes on desired interval for hanging purpose. Now assemble and install the extra planks in angular shape so that they could support the wooden stair horizontally and vertically as well. Now place the wooden stair on these angles, join then with glue and nails to make it firm and stable. And your hanging shelf is all set to hang your shirts, suits and put your accessories on it like trunks etc.

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