DIY Beautiful Water Candle

DIY Beautiful Water Candle

This video show you how to make a beautiful water candle in a very cheap way.

Things we will need:
1.Glass cup
3.Lamp oil( or cooking oil)
4.Candle wick
8.Transparent sheet
9.Food coloring (optional)
11.Small stones

1.Draw a circle on a transparent sheet and make a hole in the centre
2.Cut the circle out
3.Thread the transparent sheet with wick
4.Cut the extra wick
5.Use the tape to fix the wick
6.Add some marbles into the glass cup
7.Pour the water into the glass cup
8.Add some lamp oil into the glass cup
9.Put the wick on the top
10.Fire the wick, complete!!

1.Make sure whole wick was soaked with oil when put it into the glass cup
2.The longer the wick, the larger the flame of the water candle
3. the candle can last for several hours and the plastic will not be burnt

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