How to Turn a Smartphone into a Handy Projector

How to Turn a Smartphone into a Handy Projector

A quick 3$ project for those of you without the big bucks for projector

You will need :

A shoebox or small box
A magnifying glass.  the smaller one
A paperclip
A smartphone
A stanley knife
Duct tape

Figure out the centre of your box. Place your magnifying glass smack bang in the middle and trace around the lens.

Cute the hole out

Stick your lens in

Tape down nagnifying glass, making sure everything is sealed and no light leaks in. Tape down any loose sides of the box too.

Poke a hole in the back of the box to slip your charger cable through.

Grab that paperclip and fashion yourself a stand for your smartphone

Like any lens, light passing through your projector will appear upside down. You'll have to flip the screen to get your $3 home cinema to actually work the way it should.

Dim the lights and place your phone on its stand in the box. Move the phone back and forth in the box to find your focus point.

Close the box and find yourself a blank wall to project onto

Find your best focus point, prop your projector on a stool and pop some popcorn – because you now have yourself a home cinema.
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