DIY - Christmas Trees

DIY - Christmas Trees


What you need:
  • Two paper mache tree shapes. The ones I used were 16 and 22 inches tall. I got them at Hobby Lobby and I have seen them at Michaels too! If you can't find them, you could also use Styrofoam cone shapes as well!
  • Crate Paper - "Snow Day" collection (two of each for both trees): Melt, Sparkle, Blizzard, Festive, Mittens, Flakes, Candy
  • Hot glue gun and 2 large glue sticks
  • Green acrylic paint and foam brush (I used Plaid - Folk Art- in #503 "Yellow Cintron" 

Lets Get Started!
Start by either cutting the petal shape using the Sizzix - "Flowers, Beauty Bloom" die  or if you have SCAL and a Cricut you can use this .svg file  (1 sheet for the larger petals)  (1 sheet for the medium and smaller petals). You will need 96 large, 98 medium and 16 small petals. If you don't have SCAL you can print and trace these shapes on to your papers and cut them out too! 
Just a note: If you use the Sizzix die, your petals will be all the same size and that's totally ok! That's how I did it for the CHA trees!


Paint the bottom of your tree shapes with the green paint! I used a foam brush and two coats and they came out nice and opaque!


You will want to split the pile of "Mittens" and "Candy" papers into two groups as you will be using both sides of these papers!


Wrap each shape around a round pen or sharpie marker to curl the edges! You can do this as you are gluing each piece (no need to curl them all at once)!


The curled petal should look something like this!

Dab a spot of hot glue on the pointy ends of each petal and....

..starting from the bottom, adhere them to the base of your cone shape!

Start layering each petal shape around the base and then work your way up the tree shape one row at a time!

Just keep in truckin'..curling and gluing!

...If things get a little slanted, that's ok! It just adds to the charm of the tree!

Almost there!!!

I ran out of daylight before I finished the pics for this tutorial but I figured you have the basic idea down on how this is done!

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